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Devon unless otherwise stated.
Henry Havill bap. 24 Jan 1762 Broadclyst m. 29 Aug 1786 Clyst Honiton d. 27 Feb 1833 Clyst St Mary
Will -Estate Duty Office ref. 1078/IRW/H478 1833
Susanna Vinicombe bap. 30 Apr 1769 bu. 13 Feb 1832 Clyst St Mary
Anthony 1726 John -Whimple

Henry bap. 2 Feb 1787 Clyst Honiton m. Ann Wish 31 Aug 1822 Topsham d. 5 Oct 1842 Topsham
Anthony bap. 6 Feb 1788 Clyst Honiton m. Elizabeth Fish 30 Mar 1812 Clyst St Mary
Thomas bap. 29 Apr 1789 Clyst Honiton Early Death bu. 22 Nov 1789 Clyst Honiton
Harriet bap. 22 Nov 1790 Clyst Honiton ?Early Death
Susanna bap. 27 Sep 1792 Clyst St Mary m. Thomas Simons 10 Nov 1824 Sidmouth
Thomas bap. 16 Oct 1793 Clyst St Mary m. Jane Hudson 24 Mar 1819 St Mary Newington Surrey
m. Jane Fidoe 4 Feb 1830 Holy Trinity Newington Surrrey
d. 1851 -Jun Qtr St Olave Southwark 4 340
Elizabeth bap. 4 Feb 1796 Clyst St Mary bu. 27 Jan 1827 Age 31
Mary Vinicombe bap. 2 Mar 1797 Clyst St Mary m. Michael Healas 30 Aug 1835 Bermondsey Surrey
Hester bap. 31 May 1798 Clyst St Mary d. 1882 Clyst St Mary Age 84 -Dec Qtr St Thomas 5b 36
Frances bap. 9 Sep 1800 Clyst St Mary m. John Batten Pearse 1838 -Mar Qtr St Thomas 5b 238a d. 1875 Clyst St Mary Age 74 -Mar Qtr St Thomas 5b 51
John bap. 6 Jan 1802 Clyst St Mary m. Mary Ekers 6 May 1833 Clyst St Mary d. 1872 Age 71 -Sep Qtr St Thomas 5b 37
Sarah bap. 6 Mar 1803 Clyst St Mary m. George Tree 26 Mar 1829 St Pauls Exeter d. 1876 Sowton Age 74 -Sep Qtr St Thomas 5b 27
Ann bap. 13 Jan 1806 Clyst St Mary ? d. 1838 Sowton -Sep Qtr St Thomas 10 14
Barbara bap. 8 Feb 1807 Clyst St Mary m. Samuel Pearse 6 Apr 1836 Clyst St Mary d. 1863 Topsham -Mar Qtr St Thomas 5b 103
George bap. 5 Feb 1810 Clyst St Mary m. Elizabeth Jones 14 Oct 1833 St Luke Old Street Finsbury
---Mary Vinicombe 1838 - 1899
---Susanna Vinicombe 1840 - 1846
---Esther Vinicombe 1842 - 1889
d. 1846 -Sep Qtr St Olave 3 334
James bap. 10 Jan 1812 Clyst St Mary m. Mary Ann Elson 1838 -Mar Qtr Newington Surrey 4 272 d. 23 Jun 1891 Waterloo Galt Ontario
All the children bar Harriet are mentioned in Henry's 1833 will which is transcribed below.


Will 1833 -Estate Duty Office ref. 1078/IRW/H478 1833
For the Stamp Office
Copy Will of Henry Havill late of Sowton in the County of Devon, Bricklayer deceased.
Executors John Havill of Sowton aforesaid Mason and John Newberry of Clist Honiton in the said County, Gentlemen two of the Exons.
Proved in the Principal Registry of the Lord Bishop of Exeter the 4th April 1833 Effects sworn under £1500.

In the Name of God Amen./
I Henry Havill of the Parish of Sowton and County of Devon, Bricklayer and Mason being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say
first that all my just debts and personal expenses be paid and discharged by my Executors hereinafter named. /
I give and bequeath unto my Son Henry Havill one Shilling. /
I give and bequeath to my Son Anthony Havill Sixty pounds good and lawful money of the realm./
I give and bequeath unto my Son Thomas Havill the Sum of Fifty Pounds good and lawful money of the realm. /
I give and bequeath unto my Son James Havill the House I now live in situated in Bishops Clist in the Parish of Sowton with the court and premises in front and the orchard behind extending on the eastern side as far as certain bond stones fixed for the purpose of a boundary./
And my Will is that he the said James Havill shall and will pay unto his two sisters Frances and Barbara one shilling and six pence p(er) week each and in the event of either of them dying while single the three shillings p(er) week to be paid to the Survivor during her life /
and in case one or both being married and having Children then the Children shall be entitled and receive their mothers share after their mother's decease issuing out of this property./
I also give and bequeath unto these my two daughters Frances and Barbara the House now occupied by Franklyn a Cordwainer and also the House now in the Occupation of Mrs Hutchings and others with the appurtenances thereto belonging /
and also the garden ground in front of Franklyn's House extending to the above named House occupied by Mrs Hutchings and extending to the dwarf wall the boundary of my fore court to be a part of the property of these my two Daughters /
and I also give and bequeath unto these my two Daughters Frances and Barbara the middle Cottage in the Row of Building near the five bide(?) stones on the Sidmouth road and now in the occupation of Thomas Westcott./
It is my will that these my two Daughters shall share equal benefit and profit from this property. /
I give and bequeath unto my two Daughters Mary and Hester Havill the House now(?) into two Dwellings occupied by Wills a Tailor and Lane a Labourer with the Garden Ground behind the said Cottages standing from bond stone to bond stone and to the northward to the extent of the Hedgerough in Miss Goldsworthy's field./
I also give and bequeath unto my two Daughters Sarah the Wife of George Tree and Ann Havill a spinster the two new Built Cottages now in the occupation of Hill a Farrier and Muffy a Labourer with the Garden ground behind the same in width extending from bond stone to bond stone and in length extending to the northward to the extent of the hedgerough in Miss Goldsworthy's field with the Appurtenances thereto belonging. I give and bequeath unto my two Sons George and John Havill the House now in two Dwellings in the occupation of John Muffy and Peter May as Tenants thereof with the garden ground behind the same extending to the boundary wall of the said Cottages and extending to the boundary wall to the westward and the garden ground in front of the two Cottages occupied by Wills and Lane to be a part and belonging to this property of my said two Sons /
this property to be equally shared between these my two Sons and their Heirs for ever /
and I also give and bequeath unto my Sons George and John Eighty pounds each good and lawful Money of the realm which said Money is to be appropriated for the rebuilding the said Cottages/
I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Susannah, wife of Thomas Symonds two Cottages near the five Mile Stone on the Sidmouth Road held for three lives and now in the occupation of Marriwood and Dawn as Tenants thereof and producing an annual rent of seven pounds seven shillings and sixpence/
these two Cottages are situated at each end of the Building there being three Cottages in all and my will is that this Legacy shall be for the sole use and benefit of this my Daughter and her Children after /
her Husband having no power or control over it whatever/ My will is that all my Children who may be living at the time of my decease( my Son Henry accepted) be paid by my Executors the Sum of five pounds each for Mourning to be worn at my funeral/
my will is that in the event of any of these my Children die unmarried the benefit of their share and portion of this my will shall devolve in equal shares among their surviving Brothers and Sisters ( my son Henry excepted) /
My will is that all the occupants of the several Cottages situate at Bishops` Clist in the Parish of Sowton shall have free access to the several pumps and use of the water of the same at all times by paying an equal and proportioned share of the expenses for keeping the said pumps in repair-/
My will is that all my Money, live Stock, furniture, Goods and Chattels shall be appraised or sold and the net proceeds of the same shall be equally divided amongst my Children ( My Son Henry excepted)/
Lastly I do make constitute and ordain My Son Thomas Havill, My Son John Havill and John Clarke and John Newberry Junior My Executors for carrying this my last Will and Testament into effect /
I notify and confirm this and no other to be my last will and Testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Twenty fifth day of February one thousand eight hundred and thirty two.

Sealed Signed Published Pronounced and Declared by the said Henry Havill as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names

Thomas Strong Rector of Clyst St Mary
William Yarde Surgeon Topsham
John Taylor Malster Sowton
Henry Havill