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No baptism record for John can be found, which suggests he was illegitimate, with the most likely father being Richard 1765.

Around1810 at least two schools were built in the parish of Broadclyst by Sir T.D.Acland, the owner of the Killerton estate. It is likely John attended one of the schools before continuing on to become a teacher, and the patronage of the Acland family.

It appears that after the birth of his daughter Elizabeth in 1836 he was offered the position of school master at Allerford school, located on the Holnicote estate outside Minehead, also owned by the Acland family.

Both John`s sons went on to become teachers, Henry moving to Broadclyst as a school attendance officer before his death. His daughter Emma managed the Piles Mill farm on the Holnicote estate until her death, whilst Mary returned to Broadclyst where her husband worked on the Killerton estate.
Devon unless otherwise stated.
John Havill b. abt. 1798 Broadclyst m. 14 Mar 1830 -both of this parish, by banns, by H T Tucker curate, in the presence of Thomas and Mary Birmingham, (sister of the bride) d. 8 Feb 1860 Allerford Age 61, bu. All Saints Selworthy-Mar Qtr Williton 5c 278 or 273
Emma Melluish b. abt. 1798 Broadclyst d. 31 Dec 1864 Allerford Age 66, bu. All Saints Selworthy

John William bap. 13 Mar 1831 Broadclyst m. Elizabeth Ridge 1856 -Sep Qtr Bridgewater 5c 716 d. 1866 -Mar Qtr Bridgwater 5c 331
Emma Esther bap. 30 Sep 1832 Broadclyst Early Death d. 30 Oct 1833
Emma bap. 7 Sep 1834 Broadclyst m. Thomas Baker 1863 -Sep Qtr Williton 5c 561 d. 1912 Age 77 -Mar Qtr Williton 5c 561
Elizabeth bap. 16 Oct 1836 Broadclyst m. William George James 1876 -Jun Qtr Bristol 6a 55 d. 1910 Age 74 -Mar Qtr Bath 5c 398
Mary bap. 19 Oct 1839 Selworthy Somerset m. John Stenner 1878 -Jun Qtr Williton 5c 443 d. 1914 Age 74 -Jun Qtr Honiton 5b 22
Henry Richard b. 1843 -Jun Qtr Williton 10 497 m. Mary Ridge 1878 -Jun Qtr Bridgewater 5c 597 d. 1891 Age 46 -Sep Qtr St Thomas 5b 24