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The Havill records for the parish relate to the members of a single family headed by John Havill who married in 1632 and whose will is dated 1645.

His son John's will dated 1712 showed him to be a corn miller, with the location of the mill and the church the family attended well defined.

On the ordnance survey maps of the late 19th century the mill was known as Marpool mill and the church as St John in the Wilderness.

From the will it can be seen that John Havill was concerned about his sons` leaving a male heir and made provision as to who would inherit the mill in the event that that this did not happen.

Much later in 1765, the correspondence from the Ellis collection shows how his daughter's son inherited and the Havill name disappeared.

John may have been connected to Whimple.
St John in the Wilderness
The present building dates from 1381-1435 and is actually located on the edge of the village in the hamlet of Withycombe Barton.
In 1445, the inhabitants of Withycombe Raleigh successfully petitioned the Pope for a chapel to be built in the village as the roads to St John`s were often impassable in winter, and frequently cut off by floods.
By the 17th and 18th century's the church was commonly known as St. John's in the Wilderness due to its isolation from the village.
Moreover its decline and neglect was such that by 1788 the chancel and south porch had to be demolished, necessitating the sale of two of the three church bells to help offset the cost.
St John in the Wilderness
In the 20th century a series of renovation works and better access has restored the church to much of its former glory, and an important role in the Church`s activities within Withycombe Raleigh. St John in the Wilderness 2008 St John in the Wilderness 2008
Withycombe Raleigh Mill 1890
The last water mill at Withycombe Raleigh was built towards the end of the 19th century, mainly from lime and cob.
The mill was of overshot design and fed from the Marpool, a pond located within Marpool farm, (now Phear park)
In the 1960`s a severe flood caused the collapse of the mill and it was demolished to allow the road to be widened.

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Withycombe Raleigh Mill
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John Havill
Margaret Bass
John Havill m. 26 Jan 1631 Administration 1646
Margaret Bass

John bap. 25 Nov 1632 m. Elizabeth Peryam 5 Mar 1659 Will 1712, Probate 1721
Marye bap. 23 Jan 1633 Will / Administration1730
Margarett bap. 5 Feb 1642
Sara bap. 13 Jul 1645


John Havill
Elizabeth Peryam
John Havill m. 5 Mar 1659 Will 1712 and later letter from Finney Belfiet 1765
Elizabeth Peryam

Elizabeth bap. 25 Dec 1660 m ? Brown
---Thomas bap. 4 Jan 1693 Withycombe Raleigh
John bap. 17 Feb 1662
Stephen bap. 19 Jan 1664 m. Catherine Labbett 1 Aug 1693 St Peter Cathedral, Exeter d. before 1712
Zacaryus bap. 16 Nov 1667 m. Elizabeth Hill 9 Jul 1695
Joan b. abt. 1667
Margarett b. abt. 1668 m. ? Knight
Sarah b. abt. 1671 m. John Crutchett 1694
Records from John's will and the Ellis family papers.


Zachery Havill
Elizabeth Hill
Zachery Havill bap. 16 Nov 1667 m. 9 Jul 1695
Elizabeth Hill
  John John

John bap. 12 Jul 1697 bu. 30 Aug 1697
Stephen bap. 25 Sep 1697 bu. 26 May 1764
Records from Ellis family papers.


Will John Havill 1712 -Extracted from the Registry of the Archdeanery of Exon
IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I John Havill of the parish of Withercomb Rawleigh in the County of Devon neither being feeble in Body by reason of age but of sound and perfect memory unfeigned(?) thanks be to Almighty God my propitious father for the same and calling to (remembrance other?) uncertain state of transitory life and that all mankind must submit and give to death when it shall please God to sound that Grim Harbinger for them I do make declare and ordaine this my last will and Testament (revoking all others) in manner and form following first being truly penitent and heartily sorry for all my Sins past purposing God Assisting me to lead a new life for the time to come Imploring Gods full and free pardon for the same I do Commend My soul unto Almighty God my Blessed Saviour and Redeemer In whom and by whose (merits?) I heed and assuredly behave to Be saved and to receive a plenary Remission and pardon of all My Sins and to Inhabit both in Soul and Body the Kingdom of Heaven My Body Being first directly Interred and Buried in The Earth at the Discretion of my Executor hereafter Named And for the Setling and provable Confirming of my Temporal Estates Lands Goods and Chattles which has pleased Almighty God to bestow Upon me I do hereby order and give and dispose of the Same in manners And form following (that is to say) /Imprimas (?) I give and bequeath unto John Havill my son all my lands of what Nature and dyed unmarried quality whatsoever situate and lying in Bovy Tracy and Exmouth in the County aforesaid and to the (Heirs?) Males of his Body lawfully to be Begotten he paying and discharging all my Just debts to the time Of my death and decently burying me But in default of his Issue Male I give and bequeath the aforesaid lands to my Son Zachariah Havil and his (Heirs?) Males under the Same Obligation dyed with issue as above said and for want of Such Issue Males I give and Bequeath the aforesaid lands to my Son in Law John Crutchett Of Exmouth Butcher and his (Heirs?) Males for performing the dyed leaving Same Charges as my Son John Havil aforesaid was enjoined Son John Above to performe / Item I Give and Bequeath unto my Son Zachariah Havil Two Rooms of Mill Situate in Withecombe Rawleigh aforesaid together with four Ground Rooms and Two Chambers or Upper Rooms next adjoining to the aforesaid Mills after my demise(?) during his natural life paying and Discharging aforehand Certain bonds or Bills Obligatory owe to John Elston of Exmouth for (£7?) and its interest which I am Bound for together with my Son John Havil and my Son in Law John Crutchett the other to William Warren of Exmouth aforesaid for Six pounds and its interest for the payment of which my son John Havil and my Son in law John Crutchett are bound to pay and for non payments by him of the aforesaid debts my Son John Havill Shall immediately after my demise(?) take possess and enjoy the aforesaid Mills for the Terms of Seven Years if the said Zachariah Shall happen so long to live paying the aforesaid Debts on Bonds /Item I give and Bequeath unto my Beloved daughter Joan Havil another (part?) of my Dwelling House adjoining to the Aforesaid Mills Situate in Withecombe Rawleigh aforesaid (Viz.) four Ground or under Rooms together with three Chambers or upper Rooms Situate on the North Side of the aforesaid Mills and part of the aforesaid Dwelling House next adjoining to the aforesaid Mills with free Egress and Regress to and from the said Rooms without the lett or hindrance of my Executor hereafter named or any other person whatsoever during the life of the aforesaid Zachariah Havil aforesaid / Item I give and bequeath to my aforesaid daughter Joan Havil one Barn(e) with a plott of Ground near the aforesaid Mills and next adjoining to the Queens High Way leading to the Church and Chappell of Withecombe Rawleigh aforesaid during the Estate or Terms that I myself do enjoy or might enjoy during Term of three lives now upon it / Item I give and Bequeath to my aforesaid Daughter Joan Havil one orchard and one close or field of ground adjoining called Zeadneyes(?) containing By Estimation 2 Journeys of Ground be it more or less during 3 Lives the Estate I have now in it /Item I give and Bequeath to my Daughter Joan Havil 4 pewter dishes one Great Brass Brewing Kettle with a pan of Brandirons(?) 2 Brass pans one Great and the other Somewhat less a Brass pottager crock 1 Brass Kettle shape Candlestick a Tin Chamberpot a Tin Basin and fire pan and Tongs one Chimney Crook and hangers together with all my Goods and Mouvables in or belonging to the seven aforesaid rooms on the North part of my New Dwelling House except one feather Bed and Bedstand which I give to my daughter Margarett Knight of Exmouth /I give and (…..) dispose of to my aforesaid Daughter Joan Havill forever / Item I give and Bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Brown a Brass (pan?) an Iron Kettle /Item I give to my daughter Sarah the wife (of) John Crutchett a Brass pann /I give now to my daughter Margarett Knight Twenty Shillings of Lawfull money of Great Britain to be paid her by my Executor 2 years after my demise /Item (I give?) to my Son Zachariah Havil a Table Board now in my Hall together with a (furnace?) and (….) (guard?) after my demise provided he liveth in that part of the Mill House which I have given him. All the Rest and Residue of my personal Estate Goods and Chattles Whatsoever I do give and Bequeath unto my eldest son John Havill Whom I do hereby make the full and Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament.
In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and Seal the TwentySeventh day of January in the Eleventh Year of the Reign Of our Sovereign Lady Ann by the Grace of God of Great Britain France And Ireland Queen Defender of the Faith (&V?) Annog Dom 1712 Sealed Signed published pronounced John Havill (Seal) And declared in the presence of George Latchfield Probate granted (in Latin) 21st May 1721(?) Mary Latchfield John Humphreys

Sealed Signed published pronounced And declared in the presence of
George Latchfield
Mary Latchfield
John Humphreys

John Havill (Seal)

Probate granted (in Latin) 21st May 1721(?)
Letter from Finney Belfiet Aug 1765
I have perused the will of John Havill of Withecombe Rawleigh, Miller, and, as the sev(eral?) estates in the lands lying in Bovey Trac(y) and Exmouth, devised to his sons John a(nd) Zachariah successively in fail - male, are (…?)
I am of opinion if no Recovery has been suffered, that John Cruchett, son and heir of John Cruchett mentioned in the Will is entitled to the premises in fail-ma(le?)
Aug: 24th 1765
Finney Belfiet

I did not Zachariah sons Stephen, who dyed May.26.1764 (?)