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James was born in Nuthurst, Sussex, a village to the south of the town of Horsham in 1742. He settled with wife Sarah to the north of Horsham raising a prosperous family of farmers. Four of his sons held significant acreages in the same area.
James bap. 11 Dec 1742
m. 16 Jun 1767 bu. 1808
  James 1708 Thomas 1671 John 1634 John 1596 William 1555 Thomas 15?
Sarah bap. 4 Nov 1770 Rusper
James bap. 10 Jan 1773 Rusper
Thomas bap. 20 Apr 1775 m. Rebecca Palmer 10 Nov 1801
Nanny bap. 9 May 1777
Elizabeth bap. 17 Sep 1779 m. John Worsfold 30 Nov 1802
William bap. 15 Nov 1782
Richard bap. 11 Feb 1784 m. Hannah Edgington 15 May 1810
Peter bap. 24 Oct 1787 m. Hannah Compton 8 May 1810 Rudgwick
John m. Sarah Edgington 28 Nov 1814
From the Horsham Parish Records unless otherwise stated.
Flax Bounties 1784 Land Tax 1785

Parish Record- St Mary, Horsham, Sussex. Marriage Page 29, No 229 -W46

James Walder of the Parish of Beeding ali Seale in the county of Sussex, Husbandman, and Sarah Worsfold of the Parish of Horsham in the said County of Sussex, Spinster.

Married by Banns

16 Jun 1767

The Signature of James Walder, the mark of Sarah Worsfield.

Witnesses: John ? and Sarah Worsfold.


Register of Claims for Hemp and Flax Bounties 1783-95 -Esro QDH/EW1
John Shoubridge of Horsham 1784
Two acres and a quarter of Flax on a certain farm called Wicks in the Parish of Horsham in the occupation of James Walder.

West Sussex Land Tax 1785, Horsham-Roffey.

Owner Occupier Lands Rental
Jenden Mary Walder James Cowground £ 13.10.0
Crumpton Mr Thomas Worsfold Thomas Budds £ 17.15.0
Weston John Webb Esq Worsfold John Wimland £ 28. 5. 0
Wicks Mrs Walder James part of Parsons £ 7 .12. 6
Sussex Record Society Vol. 82


Will James Walder 24 Dec 1804 W51
This is the last Will and Testament of me James Walder of Roughey in the parish of Horsham in the County of Sussex Farmer touching the disposition of the temporal Estate wherewith it {…..} pleased God to {…..} me as follows Firstly I will order and direct that all my just Debts Funeral Expenses and the Expense proving this my will be fully paid and satisfied by my Executors in trust and Trustees here in after named Next I give and bequeath unto my Sons John and Richard All and singular my personel Estate and Effects whatsoever and wheresoever and of what nature or kind so ever which I may die possessed of or entitled unto To hold unto my said sons John and Richard their Executors and Administrators Upon this special Trust and Confidence never the less for my said Trustees or the Survivor of them or the Executors or Administrators of such Survivor to pay the interest there of and of every Part and Parcel there of unto my beloved Wife Sarah for and during the Term of her natural Life And from from and emmediately after her decease I do hereby give and bequeath unto my said Sons John and Richard and Peter who now lives with my Son in Law John Worsfold the Sum of Fifty Pounds {…..} And the remainder of my said personal Estate and Effects I do hereby will order and direct my said trustees or the Survivor of them or the Executors and Administrators of such Survivor to pay to and equally divide amongst themselves and my Sons James, Thomas and Peter and my daughters Mary, Sarah, Ann and Elizabeth their Executors and Administrators to whom I give and bequeath the same accordingly And Lastly I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my said Sons John and Richard joint Executors in Trust and Trustees of this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking and making void all former and other Will and Wills by me at any time heretofore made and do declare this only to {…..} contain my last Will and Testament In {……….} whereof I have herewith set my Hand and Seal this twenty fourth Day of December One thousand eight hundred and four
James Walder

Signed sealed published and declared by the said James Walder the Testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of the {..} {…….} his presence and at his Request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses {…………} {….} Elphick Proved 25th day of {…..} 1808 on the oaths of John and Richard Walder.