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Rapelands Farm Horsham
Rapelands Farm Horsham 2003
John was bequeathed Rapelands by his grandfather. Details of some of the property transactions are given below. They indicate that in 1758 John was a blacksmith in Banstead, Surrey.

The other records on this page are mainly from St John the Baptist, Croydon. Although the dates fit well we have no further correlation.
Rapelands Farm Horsham
From the rear

John Walder bap. 30 May 1732 Ifield m. May 1760 Croydon, Surrey d. 24 Feb 1766 Age34
Jane Hewett d. 7 Nov 1817 Age 83
John John 1666 John 1634 John 1596 William 1555 Thomas 15?

Ann b. 5 Apr 1761,
bap. 26 Apr 1761 Croydon
bu. 9 Jun 1831
Elizabeth b. 6 Apr 1764,
bap. 22 Apr 1764 Croydon

Rapelands Farm
3 Apr 1717 Sale of Rapelands by Hugh Smithson Esq to John Walder of Ifield, weaver.
15 Mar 1738 Mortgage on Rapelands by John Walder, from Benjamin Flint of Charlwood, mercer.
13 Mar 1739 Will of John Walder leaves Rapelands to son John for his lifetime and then to grandson John and his male heirs.
1755 Rapelands occupied by John Walder (grandson).
1757 Rapelands occupied by Widow Walder, presumably Mary Tullet.
1758 Land Tax Assessments for Horsham show Rapelands owned by John Walder and occupied by James Walder.
8 Nov 1758 Rapelands sold, freehold, by John Walder of Banstead, Surrey, Blacksmith.
2 Dec 1758 Receipt of legacy by Mary Walder of Bletchingly, Surrey, spinster. Paid by brother John.
29 Sep 1759 Receipt of legacy by Elizabeth Walder of Worth, spinster. Paid by brother John.
3 April 1759 Henry Wells purchases Rapelands, having paid the outstanding mortgage to Benjamin Flint.
Notes from Mary Flinders