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William was born about 1504, possibly in Wivelsfield or Cuckfield The assumption of his birth date is based on the fact that his name does not figure on the main tax roll for 1524, only appearing on the subsidiary roll for Wivelsfield for 1525. At that time he paid one pound, and it could be the case that he was a minor when the principal tax roll was drawn up a year earlier. William inherited Antye in 1536, and, in 1545, he sold two and half acres and a watermill, all lying in the north-western part of the property, to one Ralph Rickard. This small plot was situated where the eight railway arches of the London-Brighton Railway today carry passengers into the outskirts of Burgess Hill. The watermill passed to Ralph Rickard's wife, Katherine, on his death in 1566, then to his son Richard. The leat supplying water to the mill had sadly silted by 1603. William almost certainly did not live at Antye, at least until later life. In 1549, the property was described as 'his tenement', and was leased out for a period of seven years from March 25th in that year. It was only four years later that William and his wife retook possession.

William Dumbrell's wife was Agnes, and we know from his will that he had at least two children, a son, John, and a daughter, Alice who married John, the son of Nicholas Pryor of Hamsey, in 1562. However, these chilren may have been from a previous marriage, since no mention is made of Agnes in the title deeds for Antye until 1555. The marriage settlement between the Pryors and John and Alice Dumbrell included the transfer of an annuity of £7 a year for a property in Cuckfield, and pasturage for 120 sheep in the parish of Piddinghoe. William had died before May 25th 1568, and it is possible that no longer had an active role in family decisions by the time of his daughter's wedding, since he is not mentoned in the marriage settlement.

Extracts courtesy of Graham Johnson, see link on summary page.

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