The Patching Family of Horsham No2 11th Great Grandparents
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Horsham Survey 1611
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Parents William and Elizabeth

John Patching Hung, drawn and quartered at Tyburn 1549
Agnes bu.1 Mar 1564/65 -vidua


William bu. 8 Jan 1598/99
Thomas m. Anne bu. 18 Dec 1610-of Watlings Howsholder
Elizabeth m. Henry Pilfold 9 Oct 1559 ? bu. 21 Jan 1577/78
Agnes bap. 9 Sep 1544 m. John Awood 10 Oct 1563 Nuthurst
James bap. 5 Dec 1546 m. Cecilie d. 1601/02
Luce bap. 14 Dec 1548 m. Mary Edsawe 21 Apr 1573 bu. 21 Jan 1577 -Howsholder

Extracts from the roll of 9 membranes regarding the trial of John Patchyn

December 3 1549 Middlesex-Indictment found at Westminster, charges that the said John Patchyn 6 Aug 1549, at Horsham, in the county of Sussex, with other offenders, compassed and imagined the King's death, and to deprive him of his Crown and Dignity.
December 3 1549- Bell and Patchyn are brought to the bar by the Constable of the Tower and being arraigned, severally pleaded Not Guilty.
Venire awarded instanter from the county of Middlesex. Verdict, GUILTY.
Judgement, as is usual in cases of High Treason. Execution at Tyburn

John Patching -Post Mortem Inquisition 30 Mar 1550 (Chancery 92.96)

Elizabeth Michell, widow, mother of John Patching at his attainder was seized of 'Delfeld', 'Stoners', 'Shortesfeld', 'Durrants' and 'Cokks' in Horsham, 'Redfeld' in Southwater, in occupation of Agnes Patching, late wife of John Patching, barn in Southwater, shop in Horsham, 'Tickefeld' and 'Ridgbroke' in Warnham, 'Moses' in Rusper, 'Coptehall garden' in Horsham, 'Cokks' in Slinfold, 'Brydles in North heath, Horsham.
John Patching was attainted of high treason 2 Dec last.

Extract from the Chantry Records Article 49 1547

John Patchinge for the farm of 20 acres called " the Watlyngs "
John Patchinge for the like rent going out of a garden called " Copthall "

This provides some weight to the integrity of the family line. The burial record of the second husband of John's mother reads 28 May 1543 Richard Michell of Watlinges and for John's son 18 Dec 1610 Thomas of Watlings, howshoulder. The Coptehall garden is also mentioned in the above PMI.
Watlings Horsham
The present day Watlings Moathouse.

Henry Hussey knt-Post Mortem Inquisition 6 Nov 1556/57 -Extract

H. H. also seized after the death of Elizabeth Michell, late wife of Wm. Patching and mother of John Patching, of half 'Delfield' and 'Stoners' in Horsham, half 'Shortesfield' and 'Cooks' in Horsham, 'Redfelde' a shop in Horsham, 'Durrants' in Horsham and Rusper. She is still living at Horsham


James Patching -Will 9 Feb 1601- Extract (PCC 39 Montague)

James Patchinge of Peckham in the parrishe of Cam,well in the Countie of Surrey gent.
To the poore of Camerwell -To the poore of Horsham and Nutherst-
To Mrs ffoster and Mr foster-To Mr Edmund Bowyer and his wief-To Mr Beniamyne Bowyar, rent due to his mother-Mr Gegorye Bowyar.
To my brother Thomas Patchinge all my ffreehold lands in Sussex -Elizabeth wief of Edward Pilfolde and hir daughter Sarah -To my sister Agnes Woode -
To James Pilfolde his sisters in the countrye-I forgive him all his mothers and his debts -I forgive Richard Hyneff and his wife their debts. All the rest of my goods I give to Cicelie my wief sole Excutrix -To Stethen Symons my Servnt.
My cosynne Johane Lyncott oweth me ffourtye shillings.
Witnesses Edward Wilson, Robert Killham
Pd 10 June 1602 by the Proctor to Cecily relict and extrix.


Luce Patching W56
Executor to mother 1565. Had issue- Robert b. 25 Sep bu. 16 Nov 1577 and Elizabeth b. 1 Jul 1574.
Will dated 14 Jan 1577, cod 15 Jan, proved 3 Mar 1578/79 (PCC 13 Bakon)
Notes from Sussex Genealogies (Horsham Centre) John Comber 1931
Will mentions brothers William, Thomas and James. Wife Mary and daughter Elizabeth.