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Sixteenth Century

This family is of great interest to us as it links to both the Walder and Dumbrell lines and was reasonably prosperous.

A first look at the IGI returned a host of variations and it soon became clear that all the branches would have to be verified to be sure of the right connections.

Two family groups began to emerge and the race was on to get everybody in their proper places.

The acquisition of a number of wills has improved our confidence in the data, but there are still a lot of avenues to explore to fill in the background.

Nevertheless, we thought it worthwhile to present the 'work in progess'.
St Mary the Virgin Horsham 1881
We have also enjoyed trying to place the family and it's connections in the context of the map of the Horsham Survey of 1611 Horsham Parish Church where most the action took place. If the 1611 map is right the artist was working very near to the site of the Burgage of 'Patchings'. See opposite.
In 1543 Henry Patching, curate of Horsham, commented on the case of Wynson v. Ede, held in the Star Chamber. " the evilest example that was in the county for a long time " Details
The Page Map below gives links to the details we have so far on the families. A connection between them still eludes us. If you can shed any furthur light we would be delighted to hear from you.

Family One
Fifteenth Generation late 1400's
John & Agnes
Fouteenth Generation early 1500's
Thomas & Margaret Richard & Joan
Thirteenth Generation mid 1500's
Richard & Margery Henry & Alice John & Alice Thomas & Clement John & Elizabeth
Twelth Generation late 1500's
  Thomas & Joan     Henry & Susan 

Family Two
Fifteenth Generation late 1400's
William & Elizabeth
Fourteenth early 1500's
John & Agnes William & Joan
Thirteenth Generation mid 1500's
Thomas & Anne James & Cecily Luce & Mary
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