The Patching Family of Horsham No1 11th Great Grandparents
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Parents John and Agnes

Thomas Patching
b.c 1502 bu. 29 Sep 1557
Margaret bu. 3 Oct 1569 vidua


Emma m. Thomas Walder 20 Jun 1549
Walder Family link is Above
bu. 18 Sep 1613 an ould widdow
Alice m. John Charyngton 22 Oct 1559
Richard m. Margery d. 27 Apr 1568 bu. 29 Apr 1568
Henry m. Alice
Margery m. ...Shorter
John m. Alice Boyer 28 Apr 1562
Joan m. James Michell
William Unmarried
Thomas m. Clement Burley 17 Jun 1576
Elizabeth m. William Fuller
Integrity: No births found in Parish Records. Richard's will mentions all brothers names and mother.
1524 Thomas -Arundel Castle Manor and Estate Records Catalogue W67

2147 12 Oct 1524 Quitclaim. John Jenyns, son and heir of Nicholas Jenyns, to Robert Coker of Horsham.

Property called Grenehurst and abutting E. on the lands of Thomas Patchyng, W. on the lands of John Jenyns and N. on the highway from Horsham market place to Farthing Bridge.

Coker to have access to the land of Jenyns to effect repairs to the house.

Emma Marriage 20 Jun 1549 Parish Record St Mary's Horsham
Thomas Walder, a wydower maryed Em the dowghter of Thomas Patchyng and Margaret hys wife.

Walder Family link is above.

Exec. to husband William Fuller of Horsham 1559. William bu. 27 Mar 1559, Will dated 22 Mar 1558/9, proved
1 May 1559 (Chichester 9 177). Had issue John Fuller of Horsham, yeoman and others.
Notes from Sussex Genealogies (Horsham Centre) John Comber 1931