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Parents John and Agnes

Richard Patching ? bu. 20 Jun 1557
Joan Ede bu. 30 Dec 1603


John m. Elizabeth Wesden 21 Jul 1560 bu. 22 May 1616 howshoulder
William bap. 20 Sep 1542
Roger bap. 24 May 1547 Unmarried bu. 23 Apr 1620
Johan bap. 23 Apr 1549 bu. 23 Apr 1549

Parish records of baptisms refer to Richard and Johan as parents except Harry.

PRO Ref C1/1313/17 -Richard Patchyng and Joan his wife v. Robert Wright, brother-in-law of the said Joan:
Detention of a feoffment of land in Horsham made by the said Joan by John Ede, her father.
Remarried Edward Jupp 23 Jul 1566.
Notes from Sussex Genealogies (Horsham Centre) John Comber 1931

Richard's 1557 burial date may be in doubt as he appears to be the only candidate for the Richard mentioned below.
East Grinstead Assizes 14 July 1561 W63
Grand Jury
John Roberts sen, Thomas Hall, John Worfolde, Thomas Pyke, Richard Patchinge, John Pollinge, John Mose, John Monke, Richard Bennett, John Agate, Richard Walder, Richard Mychell of Coltstaple, Richard Grattwik jun, Richard Eastwood, Robert Bennett, Peter Mockforde, Owen Gratewik, Richard Estwood, Thomas Goble, Peter Hunte, Robert Lysted, Robert Berde, Henry Patchinge, John Lyntotte, Richard Pucombe, Robert Barnham, Roger Hale, Thomas Humfre, John Salter, Thomas Pale, Henry Apytte, John Apytt of Upperton, John Sone, Richard Marten, Philip Mellyshe, Richard Pellett.